Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reena's Somatic, etc

Firstly, my major performance/project-- called 'Body Marks'-- is here at my story blog. Those who want it as a pdf, that is available here. Feel free to leave comments, though I really doubt anyone will read this. Oh well.

Secondly, here's my Somatics exercise #23, wherein one visited a graveyard:

Only on an afternoon when it didn't matter
Could I walk so slowly
            that you reached me
I apologize: I can't see but stone
And I can't hear but wind . . .

Since it depends on graphic elements, I've attached it as a pdf, here.

I've also included my own Somatic exercise. 
Somatic Exercise

            Live the student lifestyle! Or, if you're living it, dig in!
            Go sockless in the rain, trudging at least once through the mud in the CRC field. Mmm, sloshing cold water on your toes, mud on your pants, damp everywhere. Once you're wet and really needing that caffeine/etc, make sure you only get the second-best option (like, cold coffee only, third-best brand of soda, etc), or you don't get it at all (a few sips of water-- then run-- you're late!) Sleep 3 and a half hours at night, then another 3 and a half in the afternoon. Take some papers with you and make sure to hold them to your chest, so they're thoroughly smudged and rained on. In fact, take a book with you when it's raining out! A book you're attached to or need for some reason. Get it a little wet. Not too wet, just enough to stress you out. Go that whole day (or two) eating only stuff you heat in the microwave. Preferably stuff you don't feel like eating, but it won't hurt you. Make sure to only get the stuff you don't really feel like eating, and pretend the rest isn't there. You don't have will-power-- it's just not there!
            Whatever work you 'should' be doing, make sure to only start it past midnight. Ideally, only start at 1am, Red Bull in hand. Interrupt yourself every 10-15 minutes to goof off surfing the internet. Hell, you don't really need to do it anyway. David doesn't care. A few more hours putting it off won't hurt you. Ideally, it's 6am, you don't even know why you stayed up, you have no munchies, and your brain is dead. Perfect time to write! Suddenly, you have an idea for an epic. Try making a poem epic-novel footnote instead! Maybe your prose-planning footnote can be longer than the poem. In fact, make a bunch of footnotes. Footnote fever! What about messing with the fonts and sizes? Or print it out, make doodles.
            Make sure to write only smidges of the poem and never the whole poem-- huddling in the rain, undercaffeinated, sleep-deprived, while procrastinating. Use it to procrastinate, even if you're putting off doing something fun. Ideally, allow yourself to break off in the midst of sentences, introduce random asides about whatever you're reading online or doing for class or thinking about, and just generally goof off. In short, write the most fragmented, nonsensical, stupid bullshit poem you possibly can. Print it out, make sure to get a few mysterious stains on it. If it gets rained on, great! Fold it. Fold it again. Put it in some random book and take it around with you like a talisman. Make sure it's your only copy.
            It's student life in a nutshell!
            Feel accomplished: you're a (student) Writer!

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